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Got Maskne?

Remove unwanted acne caused by your mask


clients who ♥ us

"So adorable, but better yet it actually works! Feels so soft on the skin and you see results within days.
Love love love"


"Konjac babe is the best in the biz! I've used several products that have helped clear up my skin and I couldn't be happier. I use my sponge daily, and it's so easy to use and clean, and all products are SUPER budget friendly. Try any product out, you can't go wrong !!"


"Love the packaging, arrived very quick. Face feels great and shines differently:)"

Steven P.

"I tend to break out on my back, arms and chest and ever since I've been using the black charcoal sponge my breakouts are less frequent and I overall have less breakouts and scarring. Highly recommend this product for people suffering with acne."

Megan F.

"Amazing product, my skin is so soft and clean after using my charcoal sponge 🖤"

Jenna B.

"Love so much, really worth getting the 3 pack. Long lasting, well made + my skin feels super healthy and glowy. ✨ Thank you Konjac Babe!"


"The website was quick and easy to manage. The sponges are also out of this world great, my skin saw results in a little over two weeks. A must for everyone."


"I’ve been using my konjac sponge almost everyday for the past few months and I absolutely love it! It really does offer the perfect amount of gentle exfoliation and cleansing while leaving your skin feeling soft and looking bright! I highly recommend trying it out for yourself!"


"This green clay konjac sponge has done my face WONDERS! So happy with this purchase, really improved my skin's health and texture!!"


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